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Tips on Worst Case Travel Scenarios

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

No matter how well planned your vacation might be but it can be ruined by some worst case travel scenarios. Here we will discuss some of the worst case travel scenarios and tips for what to do in such case.

Passport Lost

You should immediately report the loss of your passport to the state department and the local police of the country. You should then contact nearest embassy about the loss and then begin the process of applying and issuing of the temporary passport. You will need a temporary passport to return back to your country. It is always advisable that you should carry a copy of your passport with you while travelling out of your country. It becomes easier to proceed when you have a copy of your passport. Remember if you find your passport hiding in some place and you already register a complaint of passport loss, never use that passport otherwise you will land up in unnecessary trouble.

Luggage Lost

If you don’t find your luggage on arrival, it is lost somewhere in connection. The chances of luggage being lost become very high if you have a short connecting flight. On arrival, rush to the baggage claim office to register a claim. In many instances, the airlines will deliver your luggage within 24 hours time. However, if your luggage is really lost or somebody has taken by mistake, then you can claim for the reimbursement. Airline do not reimburse for the costly jewelry you might have packed in your check-in. It is better to keep those precious items in your carry-on luggage.

Wallet Lost

It is really upsetting if you lose your wallet in the foreign country that too in the middle of your vacation. As soon as you come to know about the loss, you should inform your credit card companies about your lost or stolen cards. You should also contact your bank to stop any transaction. You should make calls to credit reporting bureaus like Experian, Trans-union, and Equifax about the loss of your credit card. As a result you will not having any credit or debit cards or even cash, you should immediately call your family member or friend to wire money through western union or bank transfer.

Medical Emergency

It is very important that you buy a travelers insurance if you are visiting another country for shorter period of time. Make sure that insurance should cover in the emergency room situation. Because you never know, you might land up in paying a huge amount for the unexpected medical urgencies. Always carry the insurance with you where ever you go, you can keep it in your wallet.

Missed your Flight

You may have to wait or delayed longer depending on the situation why you have missed your flight. However, as soon as you reach airport, rush to your airline counter and make arrangements for the next available flight. Be sure that you may have to wait and you may not get the next available flight for the destination. Even you may have to pay extra fee for a new reservation.

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