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Travelling Tips on Thanksgiving Holidays

One of the busiest traveling times of the year is the Thanksgiving Holidays. It becomes more annoying because of unexpected transportation delays due to traffic, weather, etc. For weather-related delays, we cannot do anything, but for other delays, we may avoid it. Here are a few useful tips that you should consider on the coming Thanksgiving holidays:

1. Plan Early

First of all, what you have to do is to start your holiday planning well in advance. You will not only get the lower fares and hotel accommodation but you will have a good piece of mind as well. So start your Thanksgiving holiday planning in the early fall season.

2. Choose the Best Days

The day before Thanksgiving and after is the busiest day of the year. Also, you will find higher fares on these dates so it is better that you should start your journey quite early or on Thanksgiving morning. This way you will also get the best holiday deals on fares, hotels, etc.

3. Travel Light

Most of the airlines company have started charging for checked baggage so it is better to pack light and take only carry-on luggage. Not only you, but your fellow passenger will also do the same so it is very likely that you will not get the space on the overhead bins unless you get a chance to board early.

4. Avoid Traffic Delays

Check out the alternative routes which have lesser traffic on it during the holiday season. Get help from your GPS traffic advisory system. It will let you know of the congestion on the route and will also advise you to take alternative routes. You will save money, time, and unnecessary hassles in this way. Get the E-ZPass to avoid delays on the toll roads.

5. Take advantage of your Smartphone

It is quite likely that there will be some flight delays, tight timings to return your rented cars, a line for security checking or even waiting in a long line to have a cup of coffee. This is the time to take advantage of your smartphone like iPhone. It has an application that will show you maps with information on gates and restaurants. There are a few airline companies that offer mobile websites from which passengers can do self check-in, reserve seats, and can also keep track of their flight status.

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