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Beautiful Glacier National Park – Montana

Glacier National Park is the 10th National Park of United States. It is located in the northern part of the state of Montana. It is one of the most beautiful parks in the country. The awe-inspiring scenery of the mountains, serene lakes, and abundant wildlife attract visitors from all around the United States and neighboring countries as well. The park is surrounded in 1,600 square miles with an elevations range of 3,150 to 10,466 feet. The park is open year round, however most of the roads remain closed due to heavy snowfall from October to late May. Glacier National Park is full of scenic hiking trails. The trails offer spectacular views and abundant chances to see wildlife.

Here are the lists of major attractions you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Glacier National Park:

Going to the sun road

The Going-to-the-Sun Road is a 52 mile paved 2-lane road with spectacular scenery. This highway was completed in the year 1932 and is the most popular attractions in the park. The road crosses the Continental Divide at 6,646 foot high Logan Pass. There are several view points on this road which offers great opportunities for photography. It passes through difficult terrain, from glacial lakes, cedar forests to alpine tundra.

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald is a beautiful glacial carved lake. It is the largest lake in the park with a length 10 mile long and has a maximum depth of 472 feet. The lake is surrounded by a dense forest along with mountains towering all around it. It looks extremely beautiful on a calm day, when you can see the mirrored reflection of the mountains in the lake. The mirrored reflection can be seen either in early morning or evening. It is also a good place to view wildlife such as elk, bighorn sheep, black bear, mountain goat, and mule deer.

Lake Avalanche

Avalanche Lake is located on the west side of the continental divide. It is also surrounded by huge mountain ranges. The lake is named Avalanche as there are many avalanches that happen in the mountains nearby. If you hike up to the lake little early when it opens in May, you might able to see avalanche taking place. There is abundant wildlife in this region. Mountain goats are very common. Other animals you might find here are deer, bighorn sheep, and grizzly bears.

Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by towering mountains on three sides. The name of the lake Iceberg is very true to its name as you can see icebergs floating on the surface of the lake. The trail to the Iceberg Lake is one of the most popular and very scenic too. Most of the time during peak summer months this trails is crowded.

Red Bus Tours

Take a guided tour in the open topped red bus in the park. From more than 70 years this tour has been conducted for visitors. So park your car, relax, sit back and enjoy the guided tour with spectacular scenery to enjoy.

Boat Tour

Take scenic boat tour for at least 1 hour to enjoy the park. You can take boat tour on any of these lakes: Lake McDonald, Many Glacier, Two Medicine, and Rising Sun on St. Mary Lake.

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