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Best Airports in the World

Facilities on the airports mean a lot especially for the business travelers. Every year the World Airport Awards is given to the world’s best airports depending upon the amenities provided, ease of shopping, work, spa, browsing internet between flights and so on.

1. Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is one of the bests airport of the world. The is plenty of thing to do here and the best part is that if you have more than 5 hours of hopping then you are eligible for a free tour of Singapore. The airport gardens, spa facilities, napping areas, plenty of dining areas are few of the best bet of the Changi Airport. One can easily stay in this airport for a day without getting bored. Apart from those above mentioned amenities you will get WiFi access, internet cafes, snooze chairs, swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, video games, live music bands, free movies.

2. Seoul Incheon International Airport

Like Singapore Changi Airport, Seoul Incheon International Airport also has several things to keep travellers busy and entertained. It continues to rank one of the higher positions in the best airports of the world. Dreamy lounge chairs is one of the travellers favorite. It offers amenities such as 24 hours food, WiFi, Internet Stations, shower, Sauna, Massage parlor, Baby Care Lounges, Play areas for children. Other things which will keep you busy and entertained are Korean Cultural Museum, Observation Deck, Traditional Craft Gallery, Gardens, and so on.

3. Hong Kong International Airport

It is second busiest airport of the world. The main attractions in the Hong Kong International airport are the incredible flight simulators at Aviation Discovery Center, and to experience its 4D Extreme Cinema. In addition to it, people can also play Playstation free of cost. This airport has everything to keep traveller entertained and also offer calm place to sleep.

4. Munich International Airport

Munich International Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany. It is a Lufthansa hub and is a very well-organized airport that any travelers can hope for a smooth stay. Good for souvenir shopping. Travellers will find lots of gifts for football fanatics, and souvenirs.

5. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Good for business travelers. There is an International’s business centre inside the airport’s Satellite Building that offers free WiFi and its Plaza Premium Lounge offers a calm place for business travellers to work. It also offers play area for kids, 24-hour clinic and pharmacy, prayer room, fitness centre, showers, sauna and spa.

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