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Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just knocking at the door. Still thinking which would be the most romantic place to visit with your special person this year. What can be a better idea for the Valentine’s Day than spending time with your loved one in a romantic place? United States offers number of romantic places for the valentine couples to enjoy the day. Make your valentine day as special and sweeter by visiting our lists of 5 most romantic getaways for this Valentine’s Day in United States.

1. Niagara Falls at night Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful and romantic place to spend your weekend of Valentine’s Day here. If you are in doubt whether or not it’s a winter destination, be sure you gonna love this place. It attracts couples from all around the world. In the winter time, Niagara transforms in to a dazzling icy fantasyland. It is the rush of water of the Niagara Falls which makes this destination most romantic. Niagara Falls is beautiful from both American and Canadian sides. The fall looks equally beautiful at night with the colorful spotlighting which beautifully illuminates the Niagara Fall.

2. New York, New York

What could be more romantic than holding hand in hand in a Ice skating at historic Rockefeller Center. There are tons of ways you can spend romantic time in the New York City. Get on to a horse drawn carriage ride in the Central Park. Keep yourself warm with a blanket. Top of the empire state building at night is another romantic place to enjoy with your loved one. Explore the streets of Manhattan in the evening and take your sweetie to dinner in some nice restaurant.

3. Miami, Florida

A visit to Miami is always fun and adventure with a beautiful weather. It is one of the perfect destinations for the couples who want to have some romantic getaway this Valentine day. It offers great night life, beautiful beaches, and great dining experiences. Whether you want to be with crowd and partying or you want some privacy and seclusion Miami has its all. Take your sweetie to a memorable cruise in Miami.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a city of romance with its paved streets and horse-drawn carriages. Other places to go around are water-front parks, historic mansions, gardens. The city is rich historically and its warm hospitality will take your breath away. The city is also well known for its unique dining scenes in the United States. Sullivan’s Island nearby Charleston is one of the nice places to visit with your valentine this year. There are tons of things that you can do in this lovely city including a tour to a winery, dining around the waterfronts, walk under moss laden oaks, etc. There are many special package deals that are available here on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

5. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and there are tons of romantic destinations in the city and nearby. Believe it or not, strolling along the Crissy Field during the sunset, you will get the most amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Take a trip to the Treasury Island for a great view of the San Francisco skyline. The city view looks amazing from the sunset bay cruise, so do not miss it. Dine out in some of the most romantic restaurants in the city. What could be more romantic than looking at the extensive views of the bay. There are lots of events and activities going all day long and especially on Valentine’s Day.

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