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Ocean Shores A Nice Weekend Getaway

Ocean Shores in Washington State is located 135 miles south-west of Seattle and approximately 75 miles west of Olympia. It is a nice spot to spend your summer weekend. Ocean Shores city falls in the Grays Harbor county of Washington. It is surrounded by Pacific Ocean. There are lots adventurous things that you can do in the Ocean Shores.


Ocean Shores city occupies the Point Brown peninsula on the Washington coast. Before the European settlers and explorers came to this place, this peninsula was the land of the local tribes. They were using this place mainly for trading.

The first white settler was Matthew McGee who established here in the early 1860s. In the year 1878, he sold the south part of the peninsula to AO Damon. Damon was using this piece of land for trading supply center. However, he later took over the whole peninsula from him. Later he passed this land to his grandson named Ralph Minard. Minard was using this land for a cattle ranch from the year 1926 to 1960. In the year 1960 group of investors named Ocean Shores Development Corporation bought this land from Minard for $1,000,000. This group then started selling lots with starting price of $595. By the year 1963, hotels, restaurants and motels were built. And soon it has become popular destination for the tourists. Now, it attracts more than 3,000,000 visitors every year.

Things to Do

1. Biking and Mopeding

It is great place to bring your bikes and enjoy your day in the shores. It is a perfect place to relax, away from the bustling noise of a big city. Pedaling cycle from one end to the other end of the peninsula and stopping at every beautiful spot can only be done by biking. There is a separate bike lanes as well.

Do not worry if you have not bring your bike, you will get it right here. There are lots of vendors all across the city who will rent bikes, mopeds, carts, and surreys. However, to rent and drive a moped you do require your driver’s license and the laws would be same as that of road.

2. Boat Ramps and Rentals

It is also one of the famous destination for boaters. Ramps for boat launch to the ocean is located on the west side of the marina. If you want to enjoy lakes and canals by boating, then it does have very easy ramp on the North Bay Park. In case you didn’t bring your boat with you there are few boat renting place also on the Point Brown Ave.

3. Bird Watching

Ocean Shores is a good place for the bird watchers. The most popular location to watch bird is the Damon Point State Park. It is also known as Protection Island. It is the only knowing nesting sites for the Snowy Plover.

Here you will find more than 300 different bird species. Few of the most popular ones are Eagles, quail, brown pelicans, pheasant, and herons.

4. Parks

The city of Ocean Shores offer 3 parks to the public. All these parks are at the north end of the town near Duck Lake.

Chinook Park is located near the Lake. It also has a boat launch and a fishing pier if you like to do some freshwater fishing.

North Bay Park is also located on the lake and it is the largest park among all the parks. It also has boat launch and a fishing pier. There is a tennis court, a baseball field and a big play area for the kids. It is a perfect place for picnicking. There is a picnic shelter and restrooms. You can enjoy a beautiful day with your family and friends here.

The third one is the Emerson Park. It is the smallest park. It is located very near to the downtown. It also offers play area for kids and a tennis court.

5. Kite Flying

Ocean Shores is a perfect place for flying kites. You will find people with variety of beautiful kites flying and covering the sky over the Ocean Shores beaches. Forgot to bring kites with you? No worries, there are plenty of kite stores in the town. You will find variety of kites here on various themes.

6. Storm Watching

Who wants to go to the shores in the bad stormy weather? Well, hundreds and thousands of people gather each season just to watch storm here. They watch storm from their hotel room or the beach house. It is a unique experience to see waves 20-25 foot high with a 60-100 mph winds, and horizontal rain.

7. Beach Walks

The most favorite activity to do here is just walking on the beach. No activity is as relaxing as walking on this Pacific beaches.

8. North Jetty

It is located on the southwest tip of the peninsula at the distance of 6 miles from the Ocean Shores main gate. Watching waves crashing on the rocks draws attention of many tourists. Surfing on this white wave are enjoyed by few courageous surfers.

9. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is another very popular activity you will see on the sandy beaches here. There are 3 horse ranches in this area which offers services to the visitors. There is a sunset rides which is very popular romantic getaway for the couples.

10. Driving on the Beach

Another very simple yet interesting way to enjoy the Ocean Sores beaches is to drive your car on the beaches. There are 5 roads which can take you to the beach access those are located at Damon Rd., Sand Dune Ave, Ocean Shores Blvd. You must have to follow the signs and rules for driving your car on the beaches because it is highly possible that your car may get stuck in the sand and you will end up paying for the towing.

Nearby Areas

Ocean Shores has lots of sights nearby to keep visitors busy and relaxed. You can get in to the passenger ferry and make a short visit to fishing town called Westport. One can find various gift shops, and nice restaurant.

If you are in a mood to drive few miles off the Ocean shores, there is a scenic drive to the Pacific Beach and Moclips which are located 18 miles north from Oceans Shores on SR 109.

The south portion of Olympic National Park is also not too far from here. You can take a day trip to Lake Quinault and Kalaloch beach. If you have couple of days then you can also visit Hoh Rain Forest and Sol Duc Hot springs.

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