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Advantages of Travelling Europe by Train

Europe can be best seen by train. The train system of Europe is very much developed and reliable. There are high-speed trains available. Unless you have very tight time crunch, travelling Europe by train is one of the best option. As compared to other countries, train travelling in Europe is much faster, trains are mostly on time and serve almost all major destinations.

Advantages of travelling by train vs flight in Europe:

If you are travelling lesser than 400 miles, you will reach faster when travelling with one of the Europe’s high-speed train.

Comfort travel:

There is no doubt that train travelling is more comfortable than travelling by plane. You get a good leg space. If it is a chair car, the seat bends backward and you can able to sleep as well. Otherwise, you can also get sleeping compartments/bunks for little more addition in the ticket.

Saving money and time:

Almost all airports located out of the main city, it is all about money and time you will spend to get to the heart of the city. However, railway stations in Europe is located right in the heart of the city or near it. Hence, you will save both time and money, which is of great importance when you are on vacation. You can also save some money and time on your hotel stay, if you cover your next destination by travelling overnight.

Enjoying the scenic vistas:

It is best way to enjoy the beautiful European countryside that you will come across between the two destinations. And if you have bought rail pass, you can hop on and hop off if you decided to visit the places in between.

Not waiting in a queue for check-ins and Security:

If you are travelling by plane, you have to reach airport very early in order to get through the check in and security clearance and get in to the plane on time. Reverse in the case of train travel, you just have to come few minutes early and buy tickets, if you do not already have one and just hop on the train.

No weight limits for luggage or fees:

In the coming years, the airlines have been reducing the luggage weight limit to a great extent. You can carry limited liquids and gels, but you do not have to think about it when you are travelling by train. It is worry less travel as compared to plane travel.

Wide train network:

The rail network of Europe is vast. Major destinations have multiple trains a day. Popular routes mostly have trains schedule for hour or so. Hence, you have options if you somehow misses one train, then you does not have to wait till another one for long hours. That is not the case with the plane travel.

Train travel in Europe is romantic and fun. The experience of the European train travel is something that will last a lifetime. Make it happen and cherish it for your entire lifetime.

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