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Top Things To Do in Las Vegas


Want some thrilling experience in Las Vegas. Go to the top of Stratosphere hotels for a thrilling ride called Big Shot. You will fall at the speed of 45 miles per hour for 160 feet descent. Within few seconds this ride catapults 16 riders from this 921-foot high platform. Before even you realize anything you will be pulled back with a great force.

Dancing Fountains at the Bellagio

Over 1,000 fountains on 8-acres manmade lake in front of Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas is worth seeing. These fountains dance to the sounds of Frank Sinatra and other artists with the fusion of lights. The dancing water of the fountain shoots over 220 feet high into the sky. Performances are free of cost.

Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

Wanted to see real lion with a human, then MGM Grand is the place. It is spectacular. You can walk all around the glass surroundings. It shows both adult and the baby lion cubs. Above all admission is free of cost.

Gondola Rides at the Venetian

Take a Gondola ride at the Venetian hotel. This is perfect for the couples and singles as well. This gondola ride will take you down the Grand Canal past cafes, under the bridges and balconies inside the hotel.


A visit to NASCAR Café is must for NASCAR fans. It offers 2 levels of NASCAR racing competitions on a giant projection screens as well as the visitors can see 20 real NASCAR stock cars on the display. The menu features like Buffalo wings, burgers and pizza and also the desserts. It is located at the Sahara Hotel and Casino.

Area 51

It is the most secret air base station which is believed to house the UFO’s and aliens which was recovered from Roswell, New Mexico flying saucers crash. It is located right off the Extraterrestrial Highway and in the town of Rachel, Nevada. There is also a Research Center in Area 51. Good spot for the curious visitors.

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