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Beautiful Castles of Europe

Our beautiful earth is surrounded by amazing natural marvels, which we admire and capture it in our cameras and videos. We also mesmerize and admire by looking at the beautiful architectural building from our glorious past. And what could be the better place to see best architectural and geometrical buildings other than Europe? Europe offers some of the awe-inspiring building better known as the castles of the old times. The architectural details of each castle are unique on its own.

There are hundreds and hundreds of castles all around Europe, here are our lists of 5 most beautiful castles that you should visit, admire, and capture its beautiful architecture in your cameras.

1. Prague Castle, Czech Republic

The Prague Castle of Czech Republic is considered t o be one of the world’s largest castles. It is 570 yards long and 130 feet wide. Even today all major royal events of Roman emperors and the Czch’s Kings held right here in the Prague Castles. The construction of the Castle has started sometime in the year 870. However, during the reigns of different rulers, it has been remodeled several times.

The complex of Prague Castle consists the Cathedral of St. Vitus, a monastery, St. George church, numerous small palaces, and gardens. Most portions of the Castles are open to the public, there are many portions, which are now turned in to museums, and exhibitions gallery.

2. Lowenburg Castle, Germany

Löwenburg Castle also known as the “Lion’s Castle” is one of the most important and popular attraction located inside the Wilhelmshöhe Hill Park nearby the city of Kassel in Germany. The castle is uniquely beautiful and is considered as the ruins of romantic medieval period castle. The castle has become a ruin after it has been damaged during the period of the World War II. The castle was being built by the Landgrave Wilhelm IX from Hessen Kassel in the years 1743 -1821. It is considered first most important neo-Gothic building of Germany by many scholars.

3. Bran Castle, Romania

The Bran Castle is commonly known as the Dracula’s Castle located in Romania. It was a stronghold originally which was built by the Knights of Teutonic in the year 1212. It was later conquered by the Saxons in the year 1377, who then gets the license to build a Citadel. From the year 1920, the Bran castle had become the royal residence up until 1948. Now, it has transformed in to a beautiful museum to admire the medieval arts. It is one of the most popular Castles in Romania, visited by thousands and millions of visitors annually.

4. Malbork Castle, Poland

Malbork Castle of Poland was built by the Teutonic Order in Prussia, which once also called as the Mary Castle. The Castle is one of the most important historical attractions of Poland. The Castle is beautifully constructed by the red brick on banks of Nogat River. The construction of the Castle was begus in the year 1275. The Castle has been damaged several times after its completion by the protestors and later during the World War II. It has been reconstructed several times under the guidance of several great German architects.

5. Hunyad Castle, Romania

Hunyad Castle is located in Transylvanian Hunedoara in Romania. It was here in this Castle where Vlad III of Wallachia was kept as prisoner for 7 years. The first inheritor of this castle was John Hunyadi, who soon started up gradation and expansion in the fortress. However, there were several owners of the Castles in the later period, but it has remained popularly known after the Hunyadi. The Castle is believed to be built during 14th and 15th century. Most portions of the Castle are being built in Gothic style. It has tall and strong defense towers, a drawbridge, and an interior yard. It has multicolored roofs and hundreds of windows and balconies which has amazing stone carvings on it.

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